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Certified records

Certified records are a type of document that covers a wide range of contents. Their fundamental attribute is that the notary records certain facts, such as statements made by specific individuals, the state and situation of a particular property, the contents of internet pages, deposits of money or other assets within the Notary Public’s custody, and more. This type of certified record serves as valid evidence for all parties seeking the intervention of a Notary.

With records of manifestation, notaries certify that one or more people have declared, in their presence, a series of statements related to certain facts.

With records of presence, the notary can certify, often by incorporating photographs, specific circumstances and conditions that pertain to a location or an asset, usually a property.

Records of deposit imply that the notary will receive a specified and secured amount of funds that will be made available to one or more specific individuals when a predetermined set of circumstances occurs. It is also possible for the deposit to consist of non-monetary items.

With records of mail, the Notary Public records the dispatch (and, if applicable, the response received) of a letter by certified mail with a request for a receipt.

With records of acknowledgement, the notary certifies in a statement that one or several facts are being acknowledged. This certification serves several purposes, such as accrediting that two people are in a civil partnership or that, having been spouses or cohabitants, they are now separated, or that someone has been the de facto guardian of a person who needs support due to incapacity.

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