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The field of contracts in law encompasses a wide range of legal transactions of various types, characterized by the transfer or acquisition of rights, as well as the assumption, when applicable, of obligations.

Real estate transactions (e.g., residential properties, plots of land, parking spaces, storage units, industrial warehouses). The notary verifies compliance with legal requirements, requesting the necessary information from the property registry, as well as the corresponding cadastral certification and other elements specific to the sales contract.

Donations. These involve the gratuitous transfer of ownership of assets (such as real estate, money, etc.), with potential implications in both the tax and succession contexts.

Co-ownership dissolutions. Through these transactions, two or more co-owners of an object (usually a property) terminate their joint ownership, attributing sole ownership to one of the co-owners, in exchange for the other(s) receiving monetary compensation.

Mortgage loans. In such agreements, the creditor (typically a financial institution) acquires a right of security, the mortgage, over a property owned by the borrower (although it can also be from a third party), to ensure the repayment of the loan simultaneously granted to the borrower.

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